Our Response to Covid-19

To our community,

Updated March 25, 2020

During these difficult times, we find it inspiring to see Whistler’s neighbours and businesses step up to support one another. And, we wish to reassure you that Whistler Community Foundation remains committed to supporting our partners, grantees, donors, and communities in whatever way we can.

Read our recent media release: Whistler Community Foundation Emergency Fund grants $20,000 to Whistler Community Services Society

We recognize the need to follow the guidance of our health leaders and practice social distancing and self-isolation in support of community members who may be vulnerable. But, we can remember:

Our community is strong. If you need support, don’t hesitate to rely on others for help. Community resources are listed below.

Reliable knowledge is available. Help to stop the spread of misinformation in the community. Credible health resources are listed below.

A sense of belonging and connection is needed more than ever before. Practice social distancing and self-isolation by calling family, meeting friends online, or sharing a wave with a neighbour from across the street.

Kindness is everything in the midst of a pandemic. Be kind to your grocery store cashier, to your health care worker, to your delivery person, to your online community. Everyone is facing this challenge, and will have days of strength and days of weakness. So, be kind.

WCF Service & Programs

  • Our staff works remotely, so nothing has changed with that respect and you can continue to contact us at info@whistlerfoundation.com
  • 2020 Grant payments will be processed on schedule in April
  • Our Vital Cafe: Whistler Youth has been postponed
  • Grant applications:
    • Neighbourhood Small Grants applications remain open. The previous deadline has been lifted and we will update with more information soon.
    • Scholarships – check with your local school about adjustments to the application process


If you are looking for a way to help, consider donating to the Whistler Community Foundation Emergency Fund. This fund supports the work of our frontline organizations who are at the forefront of this issue and are collectively striving to ensure our most vulnerable citizens are safe and healthy. The funds collected will go directly to the organizations that require more support during this time such as Whistler Community Services Society Food Bank.

Our Community Investments

We wish to assure you that Whistler Community Foundation has prepared to withstand changes in the global economy. We are confident in our Investment Committee and our plan has not changed: we work to generate sustainable granting income for our community.

Like many, we will continue to monitor the local situation and respond accordingly. We will provide further updates on this blog post, so you may bookmark it and return at any time.

Be kind to yourself, your neighbours and your community. We are in this together.

Community Resources

Covid-19 BC Support App and Self-Assessment Tool at bc.thrive.health
Virtual Care from Sea to Sky Divisions of Family Practice divisionsbc.ca/sea-sky
Outreach Services by Whistler Community Services Society whistlercommunityservicessociety.janeapp.com
Whistler Food Bank by Whistler Community Services Society mywcss.org

BC Crisis Center Distress Chat Line crisiscentre.bc.ca

To our grantees,

If you received a grant from Whistler Community Foundation in 2019 and are unable to write your final report or meet the objectives outlined in your grant agreement, please contact Claire at cmozes@whistlerfoundation.com to discuss further options. Our goal is to support grantees through this time of uncertainty.