Meet Us at the AGM

Join Grantees & Guest Speaker Andrew Chunilall

Tuesday, June 21, 2022 from 5:00 pm at Legends Whistler in Creekside

Of course, we’ll efficiently take care of the formalities, but once that’s wrapped, we have a line up of grantees and organizations that will share and reflect on all that was 2021.

Guest Speaker

Andrew Chunilall, CEO, Community Foundations of Canada

Andrew will talk about the road from Charity to Justice and how that is showing up in philanthropic work around the country. He will talk about how our work has to hold both spaces. Holding the space of charity is to direct resources and leadership to the symptoms of the problems in our communities such as poverty, homelessness or mental health. Holding space for justice is to focus the same attention on the root causes that created the symptoms in the first place.

Andrew’s Bio

Feature Grantee Panel

2021 Grantees & Scholarship Awardees will join us to share their experiences and programs:

Sierra Haziza, Walter Zebrowski Memorial Rotary Scholarship Awardee

Jackie Dickinson, WCSS 

Kristina Swerhun, Whistler Naturalists