Call for Board Members

Interested in Community Building?

Join our board and make an impact!

What roles are available?

A treasurer is needed. We are in need of an accountant, financial professional, or experienced treasurer to take on this role. As part of being treasurer, you will chair the Finance & Investment committee and participate in WCF board meetings. Joining the Whistler Community Foundation is a great opportunity to learn and connect with the whole community.

What is being on the board all about?

The board meets 6 times per year, plus our annual general meeting and a strategic planning session. As part of being a board member, you will also join a committee in an area of interest. Right now, we are hoping for someone who is keen to take part in granting. General expectations of the board is to be familiar with the foundation’s programs and policies and participate in the thoughtful review of policies and policy changes. Participate in the development and implementation of the strategic plan. This involves attending a one-day planning session, usually taking place in September and then taking on small tasks throughout the year.  And, serve as an ambassador for the foundation in the Community. A board member can expect to spend 5-15 hours per month on foundation activities. Time requirements will vary throughout the year with some months being busier than others.

Characteristics of Great Community Foundation Board members:

  • Strong team work and collaboration skills
  • Active listeners
  • Alignment with the values of inclusivity, openness and transparency, accountability, trust, and empowerment of others
  • Passionate about the Whistler community
  • Willingness to learn about the many facets of the work of the Community Foundations

Have we piqued your interest?

Please email board chair for questions and an introduction to the Nominations Committee.