Whistler Citizen of the Year

Whistler’s Longest Standing Celebration

Established in 1969

The Whistler Citizen of the Year Award keeps outstanding community builders front of mind. Whistler Community Foundation is honoured with the task of selecting the annual recipient of this prestigious award.

The Whistler Citizen of the Year is an outstanding community builder who contributes significant volunteer time to enhancing the quality of life in Whistler. This individual demonstrates extraordinary leadership and community service outside of employment. Well-respected in the community, they inspire others with their caring and positive attitude and spirit of cooperation.

And the 2021 Nominees Are...

Three finalists have been chosen for 2021 Whistler Citizen of the Year:

Karin Kausky
Yoann Barelli
Stella Harvey

Award Criteria

An eligible candidate

  • is an individual – couples must be submitted as two individual nominees
  • may live outside of Whistler, however each candidate will be reviewed solely on their volunteer contributions to the Whistler community
  • may be of any age
  • is recognized for their volunteer contributions
  • volunteers their time, outside of the realm of their employment, in one or more activities or with one or more community organizations
  • demonstrates a positive attitude
  • works respectfully with others in the spirit of cooperation
  • is an exemplary leader who displays honesty and integrity
  • has made a lasting impact on a variety of community members or aspects of community life
  • continuously inspires others to give to the community

The Whistler Citizen of the Year award is presented annually at the Whistler Chamber of Commerce Whistler Excellence Awards.

Dave Clark accepts 2020 Citizen of the Year at Whistler Excellence Awards

The Nominees for 2020 were Dave Clark, Jade Quinn-MacDonald and PJ O’Heany.

In the video below, Sholto Shaw of Race & Co. presents Whistler’s Citizen of the Year award nominees and winner at this unique Covid-friendly 2020 Excellence Awards.

Award Presented by

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The 2021 Whistler Citizen of the Year Award is presented by Race & Company LLP.

Excellence Awards News

Nominees & Winners of the Citizen of the Year (2014 - 2020)

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2020 Nominees

2019 Winners: Keith Reynolds and Pat Montani

2018 Winner: Steve Bayly

2017 Winner: Heather Paul

2016 Winner: Cathy Jewitt

2015 Winner: Anne Townley

2014 Winner: Sue Adams