Grantee Highlight

And over the last few years, Sea to Sky Hospice has mindfully curated and created resources for people who are experiencing grief or bereavement. Recently, the team applied for funds from Whistler Community Foundation’s 2022 Caring Community Grants to support the printing and preparation of support packages that include a few of these resources.

Media Release – New Fund

In September, The Whistler Writing Society gave a nod to the future of the organization by opening the
Literary Arts Legacy Fund with Whistler Community Foundation (WCF). The agency fund is a longterm
investment in their mission to promote the literary arts to Whistler’s residents and visitors.


Meet us at the AGM. Join Grantees & Guest Speaker Andrew Chunilall on Tuesday, June 21 at Legends Whistler in Creekside.

Grant Announcement

New & longstanding programs deliver community action Volunteers assessed programs to grant over $128K The Grants committees and Whistler Community Foundation’s team are excited about

Pemberton Fruit Tree Project Helps Picking Fruit

It’s Earth Day

On Earth Day WCF Celebrates Climate Action And Stewardship Pemberton is Leading the Way Year after year, Stewardship Pemberton Society (SPS) has solidified their footings

Policy Matters

Tax Laws in Canada are such that it’s challenging to fund a nonprofit’s program unless they have charitable status. Challenging is the key word here. There are ways to make this work, for example a foundation can give money to a non-profit without charitable status by a process known as “Direction and Control”.

Media Release – New Fund

In December, Whistler Film Festival Society (WFF) became the latest to invest in an endowment fund with
Whistler Community Foundation (WCF) as a long-term strategy to support the distinguished and creative
programming which has been part of the Whistler community for 20+ years.

Congrats 2021 Graduates

We send heartfelt congratulations to all 2021 Graduates in the Sea to Sky. And it’s with great pleasure that we offer a special send off to the Whistler Community Foundation’s Scholarship Awardees.

Past: WCF AGM 2020

You’re Invited to Join Us on Wednesday, June 16 for our Annual General Meeting. Guest Speaker is Dave Clark, Whistler’s Citizen of the Year. Also, we’ll feature a few grantees in our story telling panel.


Grantee Highlight

We have the chance to make deliberate choices about what we want this community to look like in 20 years. We will never see a collective reset at the scale we are seeing now and what we are seeing with crystal clarity is that action starts at home and what we can do in our own communities. The cool thing about Whistler is that we don’t just influence within our community boundaries but also beyond.