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Agency Fund Information

Planning for the future of your organization means planning for growth and for a permanent and stable source of income. An endowment fund managed by the Whistler Community Foundation can be a powerful tool that enables your organization to have greater impact over time.

Benefits to Your Charity

Working with our community foundation allows you to focus on providing the services of your charity instead of the administration of donations.

Ease of administration, as the Whistler Community Foundation handles donation receipts and prepares fund statements. And, if requested, we can work with your board and staff on specific reporting needs. A low administrative fee covers all services.

Increased return and reduced risk as a result of pooling your investments

  • Gifts are placed into your fund and combined with other funds in the foundation’s investment pool. Over time, earnings from your fund are distributed to your organization to address your agency’s most pressing needs.
  • We handle all of the administrative details – including engaging and monitoring an investment management company and help in specifying grant disbursements, so that your organization puts assets where they are needed most.


Knowledgeable partner on trends in philanthropy and issues in the community

  • In-depth understanding of community trends (including the Whistler’s Vital Signs work) and how the outcomes can inform your strategic development of your programs.
  • An organization that can help to match donors with causes and charity needs with donor wishes.
  • Promotion opportunities via our website and social media channels, foundation events and publications.

Please contact us to learn more about setting up your Agency Fund