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Grantee Highlight

Grief and Bereavement Support on a Page

Tactile workbooks and reading materials offer comfort and quietness

written by Lisa Severn

In modern times, we often turn to the internet for help. I certainly do. However, Sea to Sky Hospice has found that during times of grief, it’s very helpful to have reading materials in print. 

And over the last few years, Sea to Sky Hospice has mindfully curated and created resources for people who are experiencing grief or bereavement. Recently, the team applied for funds from Whistler Community Foundation’s 2022 Caring Community Grants to support the printing and preparation of support packages that include a few of these resources. The funding for the packages is specific to people living in Whistler, Pemberton, and Mount Currie area. But packages are available for Squamish community members too.

Grief can show up anywhere and is completely normal

In chatting with Executive Director, Leslie de Bie and Bereavement Program Director, Carlee Baker about these packages, I was reminded that grief can come before or after a loss of life. And that it’s easier to serve our emotions well when we have access to the tools that we need to navigate our grief or bereavement at a time when so many other things like the stresses of arranging end of life care, estate proceedings, family expectations, and travel can completely overwhelm our days. 

There are 4 booklets that focus on expressing your emotions and developing a better understanding of grief as a process that takes time and is completely normal. Carlee highlighted that print is easily portable and can be tucked away with a pencil for a hike to a quiet journaling spot – maybe under a tree. 

Each booklet serves a specific purpose. 

  1. Children & Teens – a gentle reminder of how to include children in the grieving process 
  2. Journal for a Journey – a place to capture thoughts, feelings, memories 
  3. Things to Know About Grief – a collection of information about the process 
  4. Understanding Your Emotions When You Are Grieving – a guide with definitions and tips 

As a person familiar with hospice services, I believe it’s never too early or too late to reach out to Sea to Sky Hospice to learn more about grief and bereavement support. Even if it’s been a while, and you need more support because the grief is coming in waves, don’t hesitate to make the call or hit send on the email. 

After my conversation with Leslie and Carlee, I spent time reflecting on the number of losses we as a community have experienced over the years. And I hoped folks had been referred to or reached out themselves to Sea to Sky Hospice because the society has a team that knows the experience of grief and do a tremendous job of walking beside you, giving you support while allowing you to take the lead. 

Sea to Sky Hospice Society


Our charitable organization is supported by over 60 trained and dedicated volunteers.

Through the generosity of the Sea to Sky Community members and business owners, we are able to provide care and intentional programming to individuals and families at no charge.


Promoting and providing compassionate care for all Sea to Sky residents with life limiting illness and ongoing support for their loved ones.

For more information about programming visit

NEW IN 2021

Sea to Sky Hospice Society Fund

In February 2021, Sea to Sky Hospice Society became the latest charity to shape an endowment fund with Whistler Community Foundation (WCF) as a long-term investment in compassionate care for Sea to Sky residents living with life limiting illness or grief.

With an initial investment of $10,000, Sea to Sky Hospice Society looks to grow the endowment and use the annual proceeds of the investment to support programs offered throughout the Sea to Sky corridor.

Programming has been fine-tuned over the years by board, staff and more than 60 volunteer members who realized a dream to provide a dedicated space for hospice care with the addition of The Whistler Blackcomb Foundation Sea to Sky Community Hospice.

The above is an excerpt from the media release that can be read here.

2022 Caring Community Grantee Highlight

Award: $2500 

Grantee: Sea to Sky Hospice Society 

Activity: Refresh and printing of grief and bereavement packages for distribution in Whistler, Pemberton and Mount Currie areas.

Caring Community Grants 2022


The Point Artist-Run Centre, Sunday Artist Sessions and Artist Mentorship Project, $2,950

Howe Sound Women’s Centre Society, Healing Through Arts, $3,350

Whistler Community Services Society, Counselling Assistance, $3,500

Social Care

Sea to Sky Hospice Society, Grief and Bereavement Packages, $2,500

Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre, Decolonizing Recruitment Process, $3,500

Whistler Writing Society, Whistler Writer in Residence/Festival IBPoC Scholarship, $750

Zero Ceiling Society of Canada, Computers and Software, $2,450


Pemberton Valley Trails Association, Pemberton Trail Network Cultural Signage Project, $3,319


The Point Artist-Run Centre, Youth Creative Camps and Drop-in Support Project, $2,000

The Whistler Writing Society, Authors in Schools, $1,500