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Media Release – New Fund

Whistler Film Festival Opens Endowment Fund with Whistler Community Foundation

Investing in emerging and determined talent crucial to David Miller’s Legacy

For Immediate Release – Whistler, British Columbia, February 28, 2022

In December, Whistler Film Festival Society (WFF) became the latest to invest in an endowment fund with Whistler Community Foundation (WCF) as a long-term strategy to support the distinguished and creative programming which has been part of the Whistler community for 20+ years. 

After an initial investment, WFF looks to grow the endowment and use the annual investment proceeds to support talent development and festival operations. The catalyst for the fund development was the loss of Canadian producer David Miller whose contributions to the film industry reaped numerous awards worldwide. While many remarked the void David left is deep, the WFF through this fund intends to invest in emerging and determined film industry talent in hopes of honoring David Miller’s legacy by continuing to enrich the community he left behind. 

Starting the fund with the Whistler Community Foundation is an important step for us to build on the more than 20-year legacy of the festival and grow our support of artists, filmmakers and arts and culture in Whistler with the support of a strong community of donors.

Agency Funds, like the Whistler Film Festival Society Fund, benefit from pooling their investments with all of WCF’s funds. For over 20+ years, Whistler Community Foundation has maintained 8.3% in annualized return by taking the longview and maintaining a strong partnership with Cypress Capital Management.

Arts and culture are a valuable part of our community, and we are pleased Whistler Film Festival Society took the exciting step toward a permanent source of funding with the creation of a charitable endowment fund in their name.

WFF, like other charities with agency funds, may contribute to the fund on an ongoing basis. There is also an opportunity for donors to benefit from knowing a trusted nationally recognized foundation is managing the endowed investments. Our vision is that WFF can focus further on its community-based mission.

Persons wishing to donate to the Whistler Film Festival Society Fund can visit For offline arrangements, such as cheques or securities, donors may reach out to Claire Mozes at 


For more information, please contact:

Claire Mozes
Executive Director
Whistler Community Foundation
604-935-8080 (voicemail)

About Whistler Film Festival Society

The Whistler Film Festival Society is a charitable, cultural organization dedicated to furthering the art and business of film by providing programs that focus on discovering, developing, and promoting new talent culminating in the highly respected Whistler Film Festival and Content Summit each December. In all its programs, WFF strives for gender parity, inclusivity, and diversity. 

Whistler Film Festival invites you to follow their programming at 

About Whistler Community Foundation

The Whistler Community Foundation is the steward of money gifted to the community and provides grants in the areas of environment, arts & culture, social service and education.   

Our vision is to be impactful in supporting the charities and organizations that address evolving community needs. 

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