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On the Table

What is on the table?

Well, that’s up to you.  

Today, you’re invited to move beyond the small talk, by reaching out and inviting others to start a real conversation about a topic you love. 

On the Table is an event created by Vancouver Foundation after a 2017 Connec& Engage Survey found that many folks struggled to get beyond the small talk. Once offered as a single day event across the province, On the Table has grown to the full month of September to give community members the opportunity to pick a day or medium that works for them. 

What does it mean to host? 

You don’t have to be “the perfect host”. You just have to be motivated to gather people for a purposeful conversation about a specific topic. And, we assure you Whistler Community Foundation and On the Table offers plenty support with Whistler specific engagement ideas, previous topic suggestionsconversation starters, and more.  

Anyone is welcome to host from anywhere across BC. 

What are the ways in which I can gather people? 

In light of our challenges around gathering during COVID-19, On the Table offers starter tips and etiquette for online gathering. If you do wish to gather a small group, check the provincial guidelines on how to socialize safely immediately before your date, as the advice may change.  

For more FAQs, On the Table has you covered. 

What are the benefits to Whistler as a community? 

On the Table will run a post event survey with all the hosts. And, if your guests sign up through their portal, your guests will receive a survey too. The results of the survey for hosts and guests who are registered in Whistler will be shared with Whistler Community Foundation. We will use this information to help guide our Neighbourhood Small Grants and Vital Signs initiatives in 2021. 

But that’s not to say this won’t benefit the community in unexpected ways. Hosts from previous years have noted a greater desire to host meaningful events with smaller groups as a way to move things forward in their neighbourhood, their workplace and many more aspects of their lives.