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Vital Signs

Fall 2023
Whistler's VitalConversations

How might we challenge the way things are?

What if citizens had more conversations about the livability of Whistler or about whether or not everyone is thriving? 

In this World Café style event, we offer up plenty of engaging prompts for small groups to explore the themes and data in this year’s Vital Signs: A Community Check Up. 

This VitalConversations events that took place in fall of 2023 were a guided discovery of the issues Whistler faces and the intersecting themes those issues present. Watch for follow up to these events in early 2024.

Based on a combination of our research and the information available through the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, we defined thriving people as:

People who feel autonomy over food and housing needs, economic stability, physical and mental health. Community members feel welcomed and comfortable in all home, work, and community spaces where they can contribute positively and proactively. Everyone feels empowered and supported in managing the challenges life throws their way with resiliency – and can see the same for their future.

And we defined livable community as:

a place that provides and prioritizes affordability and personal independence, economic opportunity, safe and secure living conditions, justice, choice of mobility options, including active and public transit, and fosters a sense of community – allowing residents of all ages and backgrounds to thrive and engage in civic, economic, and social life.

Everyone is Welcome! And together, we will be:

RAISING collective consciousness about the issues Whistler’s community members experience.

BUILDING relationships across differences by learning, experiencing, and enjoying being in community.

STRENGTHENING individual and collective capacities and abilities to support and promote social justice.

Event Agreements: In concerted effort to offer a welcoming and thoughtful space for everyone, event attendees will be required to accept the  VitalConversations Agreements  in the spirit of raising, building and strengthening our community.

Stay updated on Whistler's Vital Signs

Whistler's Community-Driven Data Program

Whistler’s Vital Signs uses local knowledge to measure the vitality of our community and support action.

Local data gathered through the program is used to support evidence-based, locally relevant solutions to improve the quality of life at the community level.

Whistler’s Vital Signs aims to inspire civic engagement, to provide focus for public debate, and to help a range of actors take action and direct resources where they will have the greatest impact.

Locally Relevant Solutions Through a Global Looking Glass

In 2017, Community Foundations of Canada started to align national data sets with Agenda 2030, the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDG framework allows Whistler to measure local data against common global indicators.


Canada and The Sustainable Development Goals 

United Nations and The Sustainable Development Goals

SDG Icons

Launched Friday, March 3, 2023

Whistler's Vital Signs: A Community Check Up

Inside this latest report, released in March of 2023, our team asks 3 critical questions:

  • Do we have a sustainable future?
  • Is our community livable?
  • Is everyone thriving?

The answers are shared in the form of indicators collected from Statistics Canada and reports available around the community. We as a community can now see important data that impacts decision making. More data remains available to everyone, and this report merely scratches the surface of each theme. 

For more information and events through Whistler Community Foundation’s Newsletter or if you work with a non-profit connect with us through the Non-profit Network Newsletter.

Vital Signs Around The World

First started by Toronto Foundation in 2001, Vital Signs is now a global program that has engaged more than 100 communities in Canada and around the world to mobilize the power of community knowledge for greater local impact.

Community foundations use the knowledge gained through Vital Signs to lead on impact in their community. Priorities identified by Vital Signs are often incorporated into the strategic direction of the foundation and guide decision-making as a community leader and funder. As a result, community foundations are able to move the needle on the most pressing issues.

Whistler’s Vital Signs Reports

Whistler’s Vital Signs is led by local people and used by neighbours, businesses, non-profit organizations, community groups and civic leaders to learn more about Whistler’s community-based needs. The report is helpful in defining action and directing resources where it will have the greatest impact.