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Media Release – New Fund

In December, Whistler Film Festival Society (WFF) became the latest to invest in an endowment fund with
Whistler Community Foundation (WCF) as a long-term strategy to support the distinguished and creative
programming which has been part of the Whistler community for 20+ years.

Congrats 2021 Graduates

We send heartfelt congratulations to all 2021 Graduates in the Sea to Sky. And it’s with great pleasure that we offer a special send off to the Whistler Community Foundation’s Scholarship Awardees.

Past: WCF AGM 2020

You’re Invited to Join Us on Wednesday, June 16 for our Annual General Meeting. Guest Speaker is Dave Clark, Whistler’s Citizen of the Year. Also, we’ll feature a few grantees in our story telling panel.


Grantee Highlight

We have the chance to make deliberate choices about what we want this community to look like in 20 years. We will never see a collective reset at the scale we are seeing now and what we are seeing with crystal clarity is that action starts at home and what we can do in our own communities. The cool thing about Whistler is that we don’t just influence within our community boundaries but also beyond.

Painting of The Point by Christina Nick

Media Release

WCF’s call for applications drew $199,741 in requests and the proceeds from multiple Endowment Funds fulfilled 32 grants for total of $160,150. With nearly $40,000 in unmet requests, and non-profits in need WCF sought alternative means to supply applicants with funding. An additional $20,000 from the Emergency Fund was granted for a total of $180,150 at the time of writing.

Media Release

In February, Sea to Sky Hospice Society became the latest charity to shape an endowment fund with Whistler Community Foundation (WCF) as a long-term investment in compassionate care for Sea to Sky residents living with life limiting illness or grief. With an initial investment of $10,000, Sea to Sky Hospice Society looks to grow the endowment and use the annual proceeds of the investment to support programs offered throughout the Sea to Sky corridor.

Bree Thorlakson

Grantee Highlight

Bree Thorlakson has been studying, alongside her duties as the Executive Director for PORCA, in the SFU Non-Profit Management Certificate program since receiving a leadership grant in 2020.

Grantee Highlight

It’s hard to believe we’re coming up on a year since the world shifted into pandemic mode. Many of us, including the Whistler Multicultural Society, were in the middle of meaningful long term program changes when in-person-life came to a halt. In the case of the society, the Advisory Board had just made the move to officially incorporate with finalized paperwork arriving late January 2020.

Grantee Highlight

Expanded to Whistler 4 years ago (and more recently to Pemberton), the HSWC Summer Camp for Girls has become increasingly well attended. But this last year has been different in that more families experienced heightened vulnerability through job loss, health related stress, and pressures from forming relationship bubbles.


Media Release

Whistler and Pemberton benefit from Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund (ECSF) More than $70,000 distributed to fund program adaptations, outreach services, cultural preservation,